Advanced Aesthetic Training Program

Specialized Curriculum

Our Advanced Aesthetic Training Program includes advanced cosmetic techniques and advanced skincare treatments to be master in the field. You will obtain knowledge in major areas of aesthetics

Industry Experts

Learn from well-known industry professionals and guest teachers who are experts in their fields. They will share their significant experience and ideas in order to help you improve your skills

Advanced Technology and Equipment

Our training facilities are outfitted with modern and innovative equipment to familiarize you with the most up-to-date tools in the aesthetics field

High-Level Hands-on Training

The curriculum offers intensive and concentrated hands-on training, helping you improve your skills and master the art of aesthetics

Client Consultation and Communication

In order to better understand individual needs and offer individualized advice, develop advanced abilities in client consultation and communication

Ethical and Safety Practices

In all of our advanced training, we place a high priority on moral principles and safety measures to ensure ethical and secure treatment delivery


2 Weeks

Number of Courses

Thirty Plus